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Lok Sabha Elections in India 2009 – Through the Eyes of Cartoonists

I always enjoyed reading cartoons that come in newspaper. I have lot of respect and admiration for cartoonists. Through a small picture and use of few words they convey a lot. Now general elections are coming up in India and let us see what the major cartoonists have to say about Indian elections.

I am planning to update this post with the good cartoons I read about the elections till the elections are over. So bookmark this page and come back often. If you find some cartoon that is interesting to you please send me the link and I will try to post it. Most of the cartoons will be in English but you may see a few cartoons in Malayalam and Tamil also.

Last Updated: April 24th 9.15 Am IST

Candidates make all kinds of promises till you cast your vote and then they wont need you till next election. Here is one cartoon by Surendra that appeared on The Hindu that shows a candidate making faces at the voter immediately after they cast their vote. 


The election commission is working overtime to discipline political parties and politicians over violation of moral code of conduct for elections. There is no party out there who has escaped the warmth of the election commissioner (EC). Here is a cartoon that came in Deccan Chronicle in which a leader of a party tells his supporters that their campaign is dull and insipid since they didn’t get any notice from EC. 


This one is great. There is a debate going on about who will make a strong Prime Minister. BJP claims that Advani will make a stronger Prime Minister than Dr Manmohan Singh and Congress claims the other way. The cartoon in The Hindu shows how BJP and Congress project the strength of Dr Manmohan Singh. 


The bogus voting takes place in a lot of polling stations in India and this cartoon makes a dig at that. Here is a cartoon about a politician talking to his fellow politician about the need of special polling booths for bogus voters. 


A lot of political speeches during this election are filled with communal hatred and no parent wants their kid to grow up listening to that. Here is a family watching the election news in TV asking the kid to go and play outside rather than watch the TV and corrupt the young mind.


Any given day majority of Indian people prefer cricket over politics. To attract people to the election rally politicians play so many tricks and since the IPL is going on here is a cartoon that appeared in Deccan Chronicle that shows a politician speaking to the crowd in front of a giant screen showing IPL match. 


LTTE and their leader V Prabhakaran has become a hot topic of discussion in this election. A political party will call LTTE a terrorist organization and V Prabhakaran a terrorist to be changed in the very next day. Here is a cartoon that came in Indian Express that changing the words slightly makes the meaning so different. 


Will be back with more cartoons later!

March 29th, 7:30 AM IST

One of the best cartoons I have seen in the recent times – published in Hindu dated 19th of March. This cartoon appeared soon after the seat sharing talks between Railway Minister Lalo Prasad Yadav and Congress failed. This cartoon shows how Lalo Prasad Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan behave in Delhi and in Bihar.

Hindu dated March 24th,

Now is election time and it means it is time for more and more promises. Tata’s new car has come out and who knows in one of the future elections the political parties may be offering a Nano to all families below poverty line? 

Something on the same lines – politicians drafting the manifesto doubling the promises for the states that elect both central and state governments simultaneously.

Hindu dated 18th Match, 2009 

The chances of NDA winning this election depends on how united the BJP fights this election. Already rift has broken out between Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh. Here is a cartoon showing the infighting in BJP.

Indian Express 

The third front is formed to fight against both UPA and NDA. They have umpteen numbers of Prime Ministerial candidates in third front and this cartoon depicts just this. Enjoy. 

Varun Gandhi is in news for a wrong reason and BJP and Varun are trying to use it to their advantage. A cartoon that shows the new image of Varun Gandhi that appeared in The Hindu dated March 28th.

Will be back with more…

Old Ones

Browsing through the cartoons that come in various newspapers related to election, I have become an instant fan of "CounterPoint", that appears in Deccan Chronicle. All the cartoons that appear in CounterPoint are just great. Here is just a few of them.

Deccan Chronicle March 9th, 2009

Many times the political parties resort to bogus voting to win election. Here is a cartoon depicting a political leader calculating the number of bogus votes his party has in a constituency.

Deccan Chronicle March 5th 2009

The regional parties that never had the ability to win on their own try to enter into alliance with large parties and usually they demand a major chunk of seats. They know if they demand lots of seats then only they may get atleast a few seats. This is so common in politics and this cartoon beautifully depicts it.

Hindu March 10th, 2009

Cricket is known as a game of uncertainty. It is said that no game is won till the last ball is being bowled. Same is the case with seat sharing exercise in politics. Nothing can be said till the last day of filing nominations. Here is a beautiful cartoon in Hindu about the suspense involved in seat sharing during elections.

Deccan Chronicle March 7th, 2009

This one is great! It mocks the political parties who offer goodies to people during election time.

Deccan Chronicle March 2nd 2009

Lot of political parties rely on thugs and other unsocial elements to win elections and here is a politician who is trying to bridge an alliance with local rowdy elements

Indian Express March 11th 2009

The cartoonist E P Unny of Indian Express compares the politicians to different colors we use for Holi celebration. It is true that lot of politicians show different colors at different time.

Will be back with more soon. Till then good bye...

Old Ones:

Times of India – March 2nd 2009

Enemies become friends, friends become enemies, enemies enemy is your friend - all these just for winning few seats- so common during elections. Here is a humorous depiction of this by Ninan in Ninan’s world.

Deccan Chronicle March 7th 2009 

Come an election and you see a long rush in front of the party office. Here is one such rush. Again another good one.

Times of India – March 5th 2009 

This cartoon in “Ninan’s World” in Times of India depicts the declining stock of the brand called politicians in India.

Hindu – March 7th 2009

During the last general elections the then ruling party in India, Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP) faced the people with “India Shining” campaign and recently the party leader L K Advani accepted that one of the reasons for the party loss was the “India Shining” campaign.  Now the present Congress party has acquired the rights of the song “Jai Ho” from the movie “Slum Dog Millionaire” and lot of people have started comparing the “Jai Ho” campaign of Congress to “India Shining’ campaign of BJP. This is how the cartoonist of Hindu Surendra viewed the “Jai Ho” campaign of Congress party.

Deccan Chronicle March 7th 2009 

Come an election and you see a long rush in front of the party office. Here is one such rush. Again another good one.

Times of India – March 2nd 2009 

This one also appeared in Times of India. The politicians are known to do anything to impress people. Meet a politician who joins the fire dance with bare foot to impress his tribal voters. Nice work by Ninan.

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