Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Know More About Leader K Karunakaran – See This Documentary About Him

Almost three years ago I wrote a blog about Congress leader K Karunakaran titled “Why I respect Leader K Karunakaran”. Since then lot has happened – Karunakaran left Congress, formed a new party only to join later.
Karunakaran, one of the senior most living politicians in India was born on July 5th 1918. He actively became involved in politics during the Quit India Movement in 1942. He was elected to Kerala Legislative Assembly seven times from Mala constituency in Thrissur district (1965-94). His experience in the administration is vast that includes a seven year term as Home Minister, four times Chief Minister of Kerala and one stint as Union Industry Minister. 
If someone asks me what his greatest achievement was, it shall be the way he handled the naxalite issue that plunged Kerala in the early seventies. He dealt the naxalites with an iron fist. This is the kind of iron fist the national leadership is lacking now in their fight against terrorism. If Karunakaran was little complacent in tackling naxalites, we might have still faced the issues of naxalism. 
Here is a documentary shown in Doordarshan about Leader K Karunakaran.
Here is a documentary about Karunakaran known as Leader to the people of Kerala. It was shown in Manorama Vision Channel a few months back. 
In the first part Karunakaran’s brother Appunni Marar remembers their childhood. This is followed by Karunakaran’s friend and film director Sivan recollecting the contribution of Karunakaran for the movie industy in general and creation of Chitranjali studio in particular. This part also has an interview with M P Virendra Kumar, former Minister and Janatha Dal leader who talks about his likes and dislikes of Karunakaran. Watch Part 1 below.
In the second part, a long time personal doctor and friend of Karunakaran, Dr.M.Krishnan Nair talks about the leader and his contribution to the health sector of Kerala. P.K.Kunalikutty, Muslim League, talks about Karunakaran’s contribution to the upliftment of minority communities in Kerala. Saradha teacher, widow of late chief minister E.K.Nayanar, narrates the friendship shared between families of Karunakaran and Nayanar. This is followed by Karunakaran talking about his wife and her influence in his life. Watch Part 2 below.
Sukumar Azhikode, one of the most vociferous critics of Karunakaran shares his thoughts about Karunakaran in the next part. Padmanabhan Nambiar, his cook talks about his eating habits. This part of the video ends with Karunakaran’s son K Muralidharan recollecting his thoughts about his father. Watch Part 3 below.
World renowned director Adoor Gopalakrishnan talks about why he respects Karunakaran. This part also has interviews with two people who had seen Karunakaran from very close quarters – Congress leaders K.P.Kunhikannan and G.Karthikeyan. Watch Part 4 below.
Former minister and BJP leader O.Rajagopal talks about the leader and the good qualities he possesses. This is followed by an interview with his priest and assistant Parameshwaran that throws some light into the highly disciplined life Karunakaran leads that has enabled him to live such a healthy life. Congress leader T.V.Chandramohan talks about the mental state of Karunakaran once he walked out from Congress Party. Watch Part 5 below.
Cheriyan Philip, a former Congress leader who climbed up the ladder in Congress party under the watchful eyes of Karunakaran talks about the influence Karunakaran had on the youth of Kerala. The documentary ends with an interview with Padmaja, Karunakaran’s daughter, who takes us through the various stages of his life. The documentary ends with a call from Leader Karunakaran “Let us all unite forgetting the difference based on caste and religion”. Watch Part 6 below.

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