Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nice Comedy about Recession and IT Jobs

Here is a nice satire about recession and IT jobs. This was supposed to have been presented in a show titled “Wing Dings 09” in Los Angeles, California by UST Global Associates as part of their New Year Celebration. This satire tells the story of how Jabbar became software engineer in Technopark Trivandrum, his onsite experiences, how recession affected him and how he tries to survive recession after coming back to India. The creators of this satire have used “Ottam Thullal”, an art form in Kerala to bring out the plight of the IT professionals during the time of recession. Even though this doesn’t really represent the real “Ottam Thullal” as created by Kunjan Nambiar you will really enjoy this one.

(This video is in Malayalam)

I think the creators of this video got inspiration from another similar video from the famous mimicry troupe Cochin Guinness. I saw this one by Cochin Guinness in 2004. This tells the story of Kunji Kadar who goes to Middle East, does lot of hard work, becomes rich, comes back to Kerala, gets trapped into producing a movie, how various political parties intervene during the shooting of the movie and finally how he loses all his earnings and goes back to Middle East (very similar to movie Varavelppu). It is an awesome video. If you can understand Malayalam and lived a day in Kerala you will love this one.


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