Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Terrorism in India – Paying the Price for Long Time Complacency

It happened in Ahmedabad, Banglore, Hyderabad and now in Delhi – Bomb Blast. In the latest round of terror attack, 25 people were killed. Immediately after each blast we read/hear statement from government that “those involved will be brought to book”. 

Why are terrorists striking at will in India? Is it because we are not very strict in dealing with the past terror attacks? Is it because we show sluggishness in dealing with terrorists/sympathizers of terrorists involved in previous terror attacks? Let us see some examples. 

Indian parliament was attacked in 2001 by militants from Kashmir. Eight people and four terrorists were killed in that encounter. The Indian parliament was in session when this happened. Luckily no important political leader of India was injured in the attack. The police arrested this man- Mohammad Afsal – who assisted those terrorists and an Indian court sentenced him to death. 

As soon as the court issued death sentence pandemonium broke out and many groups for religious and political reasons wanted the government to issue “clemency” to Afsal. Till this date he is not hanged. Here is a terrorist who supported/helped those who attacked the “temple of Indian democracy” and there are so called “Indians” for some short sighted reason want the government to provide leniency to him. What message will this send to the “budding terrorists” who want to attack India in the future - Here is a country called India which is soft on any one that challenges its national security and whatever we do nothing is going to happen to us!!!! 

This terrorist Afsal should have been hanged to death the very next day the court issued the death sentence. If any one opposes his death sentence he/she should be labeled “anti-national” and put behind the bars. Do it for a couple of times. So next time when some one wants to show support/help terrorists who are acting against India will think twice before doing it. 

Another example of being soft that aids the growth of terrorists – it is established and beyond doubt that Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE) and its chief V Prabhakaran were responsible for killing the former Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. Now we have leaders like Vaiko who openly support LTTE, visit their leaders in Srilanka and openly praise Prabhakaran who has committed such a heinous crime against India. Whatever be the cause LTTE is fighting for; it is a terrorist organization just for the reason that it has assassinated an Indian Prime Minister. Any one who supports that organization should be considered “anti national” and should be punished accordingly. But what did we do here? We rewarded Vaiko with a victory in Lok Sabha election and thus he is a member of Indian Parliament. 

What message does this send to terrorists? You can do any terrible offense against India in Indian soil but there will be some “Indian’ to support you some where in India. Won’t that encourage more anti national elements to attack India? Did Indian government ever try to capture Prabhakaran? Doesn’t this complacency from the part of Indian government encourage Prabhakaran another attack against India if he wants? 

Another example coming to my mind – Sanjay Dutt; it was established clearly that he had links with Abu Salem and Dawood Ibrahim and he got guns and ammunition from them. So here is a actor who had close relation with few underworld kings known to work against India. Sanjay Dutt was arrested and TADA court sentenced him to jail. After some time he got bail and went on with his acting career. He was arrested later but was again released. If Sanjay Dutt had contacts with some terrorists and took weapons from them he should be given maximum punishment irrespective of the fact that he is a actor or his father had contacts higher up in the government. 

If Sanjay Dutt was given severe punishment for getting weapons from terrorists and was never allowed to act again what message it would have send to outside world? If some one has any link to any terrorists you will be punished – irrespective of your wealth, political contacts, popularity. By leaving Sanjay Dutt in bail the message to anti national elements is – if you have right contacts at the right place even a terrorist can escape the law of our land. 

So what should we do? We had two laws TADA (lapsed in 1995) and POTA (repealed in 2004) that were kind of guidelines for fighting terrorism. We no longer have any strict law to fight terrorism. We need a new law that will deal with terrorism with an iron hand. Any links to terrorists – you are done. It is high time our law makers make such a law. 

One such a law that comes into force should be implemented in letter and spirit like the following examples. When Beant Singh took over as Punjab Chief Minister in 1992, Punjab was burning with terrorist attacks. He dealt the terrorists/terrorist sympathizers firmly that in 2 years terrorists were completely wiped out from Punjab. Lot of human right groups made a lot of hue and cry about human right violation but he and the police chief KPS Gill cleaned Punjab from terrorists. Had he listened to the so called human rights groups, Punjab could still be land of terrorists. Any bold move comes with a price. He was assassinated while in office. 

Another example – every now and then we hear of naxalites attacking people in parts of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and other North Indian states. They even attacked the then chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu. Naxalites and Naxalism was a major issue in Kerala in the late seventies. The then home minister of Kerala K Karunakaran dealt with this issue strongly. He gave a political direction to the police force to deal with those anti national elements strongly and the result is for every one to see – naxalism was wiped out from Kerala while it started thriving in other states. Kudos to him for acting strongly against naxalites. 

So where do we go from here? We as a nation cannot allow a bomb blast every other fortnight. It is time we forget our differences in language, religion, caste and politics and unite to fight against anyone who is trying to destroy our country.



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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Obama -You're the Man!

For decades, Pakistan is conducting a proxy war against India by sending terrorists to India. No US politician was ready to acknowledge it till date. Here comes the democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama appearing in Bill O’Reilly Show says

“They (Pakistan) are using the military aid we give to prepare for war against India”.

At last an American Politician who can understand the reality!

(This video is the best I could find in Youtube. Other videos are lengthy and I thought I don’t want to post a lengthy video of this one.)

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