Friday, February 29, 2008

Meet the political comedians of Kerala

Want to see some real comedy? Here it is. Listen to the top leaders of Kerala communist party. They make us laugh more than Jagathy or any other Malayalam movie comedian.

CPI(M) was always known as a party of disciplined cadres. Those who are following Kerala politics now know well that discipline has become a thing of the past. The last state party congress held in Kottayam few days ago ended in street fight. Pinarayi Vijayan, CPI-M state secretary, has to accept that most of the party cadres in the function are drunk. See the sorry state of CPI-M in Kerala.

Now the greatest comedian Kerala politics has ever seen – Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandhan. About 10 infants died in a government hospital due to contamination in the operation theatre and hear the reply of our chief Minister. What other reply can you expect if a primary school drop out is made the Chief Minister of Kerala. At least let us have a good laugh at this comedian.

Another specimen in Kerala politics trying hard to over take our Chief Minister in foolishness – Minister G Sudhakaran. A perfect example of how a “goonda” will behave if given political power? When will this guy learn political maturity?

Here is a another one - Food Minister Divakaran proclaiming to the people of Kerala to have 2 eggs, 1 glass of milk and chicken curry instead of rice daily. Where was his common sense when he made this speech? Of course if he had any common sense he would have never joined communist party, right?

Again another comedy scene enacted well by E P Jayarajan and VS Achuthanandan.

Even though I am an ardent fan of leader K Karunakaran for what all he has done for the state as an administrator I consider the last few years of his political career as a political drama enacted to entertain all of us. Here is a video clip from one of the numerous drama between father-son duo.

Now see the video below. The opposition leader and great entertainer cum comedian V S Achuthanandhan talking about Leela group illegally occupying the government hotel in Kovalam. It is more than one year since our comedian VS took over as CM. This time when I went to India in January I went to Kovalam and still the hotel is owned by Leela. Why his words as opposition leader never went into action as CM?

Why do they do this? – Since all of this drama is to be telecasted to people to win the award called Election!

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