Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kerala Citizen Bloggers - Blogging within the system

Do you blog? Are you passionate about Kerala her issues and her development? Do you want to raise your voice against the odds seen in and around our society? Do you believe that you would change these through the power of blogging? If answers to all these questions are “YES” then Kerala Citizen Bloggers (KCB) is for you. You can be part of it provided you are passionate and committed to the root cause.

This is what KCB has to tell about them

Kerala Citizen Bloggers” is not a group or an organization but an effort from a bunch of passionate bloggers, from within and outside Kerala who are attached to it, blogging for a cause, blogging for a reason.

We hear the same voices as any citizen would hear, we see the same events that any citizen would see, and we live the same lives any citizen would live - but we are here, to speak out on our behalf, out to the world to help bring the change into us. We are not us, but you and me, your’s and mine, we are the citizens - citizens with a voice.

Through this website, we try to pen down what we see around. What we love and what we hate. We are not here for swearing or whining. A small, but bold step towards the growth of our society. If you are someone who can see and hear things happening around, feel free to join the efforts.”

KCB has recently released a video to promote this initiative. Watch this and decide for yourself if you want to part of this vibrant group.

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