Monday, August 25, 2008

Scenic Beauty of Myanmar

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Transportation in Myanmar – Through Photos
Here are some more photos taken in Myanmar when my father visited there. Most of the photos resemble a typical village you could find anywhere in India.

Here is the statue of the famous King Bayin Naung who liberated Burma from Thai invaders. This statue is situated at the King Bayin Naung park at Kawathaung.

Victoria Point - The southern most tip of Myanmar.

Thailand – as seen from the southern most tip of Myanmar

An oil palm estate

An aerial view of a jail at Kawathaung.

Typical roads

There are lots of dogs in the street

Typical homes in the villages

Roadside shops

Ladies selling Fish

Kids going to school

A mother and a kid
An innocent looking kid

More later! For more photos of Myanmar click here and here.

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Blogger drsubbu said...

Dear Brijesh,
I've read the articles and seen all the beautiful pictures taken by your Father who has travelled across presentday MYANMAR which used to be known as BURMA.It is extremely interesting.
I have a great interest as my family and so many other families from my village called Poovaimanagar in the present days Aranthangi Taluk and Pudukkottai District of Tamil Nadu in India has had a close link with BURMA of early 40s and post world war II Burma. Rangoon -now renamed as Yangon- used to be it's capital city.
My Father used to be a business man in the City of Rangoon, the then Capital of Burma. None of us other than my Father went to Burma. He was extremely successful and became one of the few very well off persons in my Clan and village!.He returned to India forever in the Early or mid sixtees following the Military Coup by De Ne Win. I was then a very small boy of about 10-12 years old at that time. Since that time our family's wealth started drying up. Yet I had the real feel and Glimpse of the wealth by my Father's success in Burma. I'm aware of how successful most Tamil Migrants were in Burma.
The famous Tamil film in which Sivaji Ganesan was first introduced, 'PARASAKTHI' (1952),Depicts the wealth and status of Tamil families in Pre World War II Rangoon and Burma.

I even understood that Tamil was so popular and there was a branch of a Tamil literature Publishing est called ' SAIVA SIDDHANTHA NOOR PATHIPPU KAZHAGAM'. We had a beautiful library in our home in our small village in Tamil Nadu. That libarary contained lot of books bought and brought by my father from Burma. I had an understanding as gathered from my father's talks that Burma, particularly cities like Rangoon and Mandaly were very prosperous and probably flourished commercially as trade centres comparable to present day 'Singapore'! Alas all that was lost after the Military coup. and my father like thousands returned to India having lost all his wealth and properties to military ceasing.
My father of course did not not like to return with a name as a Refugee from Burma. That is another story not relevant. Of couse my father is no more now. He passed away in 1976 in India.

But this link prompted me to do some search about today's Burma-Myanmar- in the Internet throgh GOOGLE AND WIKEPEDIA. I leant that at its peak the capital Rangoon -Today's Yangon is no more the country's capital . It has been moved to a newly developed City( very difficult name to remember) near Mandalay. Yet presentday Yangon is still the largest City of Burma and still is member of the association of largest cities of South east Asia. But absolutely no further development to keep pace with expanding population or keeping pace with the development of other comparable cities and now one of the poorest cities after military regime in these 45 years.According to one Wikepedia reference Rangoon in its best days had amenities comparable to that of London in those days. I can believe that when I remember and relate to what my father and others used to tell! This is the example of what a selfish Military man could do to a country. Examples are abundant around the world today. BURMA(MYANMAR),NIGERIA(an oil rich country impoverished by corrupt military rulers and politicians),Zimbabve( Mokabe's personal magalomania and power hunger has destroyed a rich country),Iraq,etc; etc.
I hope this memoir may add a different dimension to to your Myanmar Story.
Dr TR Subramanian

August 25, 2008 11:39 PM  
Blogger Brijesh Nair said...

Uncle, Thanks for this extremely informative comment.

August 31, 2008 6:03 PM  

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