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Communist Parties – The Devils to Be Wiped Out From India Forever

Finally the threat has become a reality. The Communist parties have withdrawn support to the Union Government. The communist leaders claim that Union Government led by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has compromised “national interest” to America by signing the nuclear deal.
Let us just have a glimpse of how the communist party has upheld the “national interest” in the past.

Let us take Quit India Movement: Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders had called for Quit India Movement to wipe out British rulers from India. When all the leaders and masses who love this country were participating in Quit India Movement what were our communist friends doing? Opposing the Quit India Movement, here is an excerpt from an article written by journalist V.K Kamat:
The one party that opposed the Quit India Movement and sought to undermine it with deliberate intent was the Communist Party of India (CPI) which denounced Gandhiji and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and accused them of decadence, of all things! The CPI argument was that the Soviet Union had been invaded by Nazi Germany and it was incumbent on all Communists to rush to Moscow's rescue while Indian freedom would wait. To gain Communist support which in any event was freely forthcoming the British Government released some of the Communist leaders then in jail like S.A. Dange, B.T. Ranadive and Soli Batliwala.

The Communists turned out to be more loyal to the British than the king. `People's War', the CPI organ, ridiculed the Quit India resolution and denigrated he clarion call to Do or Die as illustrative of Congress political bankruptcy. To curry British favour, CPI leader P.C. Joshi submitted to the government a 120-page report on how the Communists had been disrupting the Quit India movement in province after province, in the most shameless manner. What is even worse, the CPI, in a thesis, proclaimed that India was not one nation, but a collection of several separate nationalities, that the demand for Pakistan was a just and democratic one and that the Congress must concede to the Muslims the right of self-determination. Between 1942 and 1947 the CPI turned out to be the most anti-national party functioning in India.

For Communist party the national interest then clearly meant national interest of Soviet Union. The same people are talking about national interest now is worse than a prostitute talking about character.

The Communist leaders says that by signing the nuclear deal, India is moving away from the policies of Jawaharlal Nehru -first prime minister of India- regarding non alignment. I don’t know from when the communists started liking Nehru and his policies. If one goes back to the history books, the party that opposed Nehru most was the communists. Let us read what Nehru himself has to say about Communists. Nehru made this comment to the visiting Communist leaders from Soviet Union in 1955.

Until this year (1955) the Communist Party was saying that Indian people were not independent; they even opposed our National Day celebrations. ... They also said that when they were in doubt about the right line of action, they had to get directions from the Soviet Union. Early in 1951-52, some principal leaders of the Communist Party went to Moscow secretly, that is without passports. They came back and said that they had got directions from Mr. Stalin. At least this is what they said. The line then laid down was one of full opposition (to the Government) and, where possible, petty insurrections.

The party that talks about national interest was neither ready to accept India’s independence nor Nehru as India’s Prime Minister even 8 years after India got independence. They got more happiness obeying to dictators like Stalin from some other country than supporting an elected Prime Minister of their own country.

If one’s country is “pushed” to a war by another country and if you have little love for your motherland whom will you support? When America went to war against terrorism and went to Afghanistan did any American supported Osama Bin Laden? But Indian communist parties supported China when India was engaged in a full blown war with China. Here are some excerpts from Wikipedia:

China-Indian relations also deteriorated, as border disputes between the two countries erupted into the Indo-China war of 1962. During the war, a faction of the Indian Communists backed the position of the Indian government, while other sections of the party claimed that it was a conflict between a socialist(China) and a capitalist state (India), and thus took a pro-Chinese position. B. T. Ranadive, P. Sundarayya, P.C. Joshi, Basavapunnaiah, Jyoti Basu, and Harkishan Singh Surjeet were among those supported China. In general, most of Bengal and Kerala Communist leaders supported China and most others supported India.

Yes Communist parties have national interest in mind – not the national interest of India but of our enemy at that time – China.

Even if we look into the distant past we can see the double standards of Communist parties. Being from Kerala I can give a long list of double standards practiced by Communists. When the Congress government of Kerala first introduced “computer” in Kerala, the communist opposed it tooth and nail claiming that computer will take away the job of the common man. It is an irony now that state secretary of CPI(M) – Pinarayi Vijayan carries a laptop all the time. The same secretary’s daughter studied in a private self financing college opened by a renowned spiritual leader from Kerala paying capitation fees. All the time when his daughter was studying in that college, father was going nuke and corner of Kerala opposing self financing colleges and mudslinging spiritual leaders.

I am sad that people from three states Kerala, Bengal and Tripura (only states communists have influence) do not understand the grave mistake they make by voting for these communists.


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Anonymous Sarath said... sound more like a propagandist ( I am not sure if that word exists..but you get the point), especially with that skull photograph! What does that have to do with communism ???

I am not sure if there are 'true' communists anywhere in this world...they are all politicians with their own agenda! Whether its a pro-capitalist or pro-communist party...none of them really have common people's interests in their 'real' agenda. They just wear a different mask...thats all! So whats the point in wiping out just one type of masked people from the would be better if they both exist at the same time, so that noone has complete monopoly to carry out their own secret agenda!

July 09, 2008 6:58 AM  
Blogger deepak said...

well - u at least seem to admit that the left were consistent after 1970. luk @ the congress

manmohan is exactly talking the opposite of what nehru used to. e.g., disinvestment, selling of oil company shares, reducing of subsidies, opening up of economic sector etc. the politics of manmohan, 90% of the congress people dont understand - is what i guess. congress has swayed from the garibi hataos and nehruvian socialism all the way to the other end - opening up of economies, cutting down of subsidies, not talking about farmers/poor people etc. at all. howz that for a 180 degree turn. am sure even ur arguments admit that the left has maintained consistency in many areas.

July 09, 2008 6:59 AM  
Anonymous Aarushi said...

Left is always consistent, EMS always said We will do mistakes but we will correct, only a newborn exists who doesnt do a mistake, all others are prone to mistakes, but we will correct it. So if you examine the history you could see that Left is always consistent they did mistakes and corrected it after 10 or 20 years.

They opposed Computers and after 20 years when tamilnadu Karnataka etc have all became biggest Software centres we understood it was a mistake and supported smart city.

Now in 2050 we will say that opposing Atom treaty was a mistake and we will correct it in 2100 AD

ha ha, now they dont want India to become powerful like China so they oppose. Kudos Brijesh good researched article. Sarath please take a note of economic development in India after Narasimharao opened up the economy, dont go around kerala just go to Chennai or Mumbai and se whats progress. The agriculture sector will also prosper if we allow Reliance like people to take up agriculture and the ordinary farmers be members of the firm and adopt new cultivation techniques not 'vettinirathal' (razing all down techniques.

Indira Gandhis policies were wrong at that time rajanji Tata bIlra oppposed that, Nationalisation of banks didnt bring much relief,but made banks bankrupt.

July 09, 2008 7:39 AM  
Blogger scorpiogenius said...

Communism is nothing less than a mortal sin. Only an abominable idiot could believe that the ideas of Stalin and Lenin could be implemented in society.hahahaaa...look at China for eg; Is there any freedom for citizens? what social and personal freedom have you got there? China started to prosper only when they discarded their marxist ideologies and walked the capitalist way.

Why Kerala has never gone beyond a Technopark or FACT or Smart City? Why is there still unemployement and industrial backwardness even when there is a huge NRI background to support the state? We all know the answer...

This pests need a kick in their ass. Violating the state and leaving the state in misery. And countless historical blunders which would make even a child laugh...Well, they are infact nothing more than a laughing stock..:)...

July 09, 2008 9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

communism is an extinct philosophy. if u take the whole world you csn see them only in kerala and bengal!!!!!!...China released communism is a blunder. All communist leaders should be put in a zoo meant for extinct siberian tiger !!

July 09, 2008 11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"now they dont want India to become powerful like China so they oppose."

I think you are just commenting in passing. But do you know that one of the topmost left leaders has actually said so in an interview? So their real reason for opposition is nothing other than this.

I live in Kerala. The state has become really unfit to live in. Life is becoming really unsafe. Everyday there are one or two harthals. One cannot travel smoothly and one never knows when he can reach his destination due to these disruptions. Only Marxists can survive here. You have doubtless heard about the scandal in the Kerala University Assistants appointment. Most of the people who got appointment are marxists, who were originally very very low in the merit lists. The state has released more than 150 prisoners from the prisons. We will have to check their political affiliations. It is a fact that crime has risen exponentially of late. Political killings are the order of the day.

Yes, communism should live on for ever.


July 09, 2008 1:25 PM  
Blogger silverine said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

July 09, 2008 6:17 PM  
Blogger silverine said...

I have to agree with Sarath here! :)

July 09, 2008 6:18 PM  
Blogger Mani said...


I understand your anger and frustrations erupting off your national interest, against anti-national interests. In a way your targeting a particular evil is well justified in the sense each good soul should fight with one of the bad souls in a war against injustice. But in a bigger picture, every good soul should intent on wiping all the evils off the society! Narrowing down the size of the picture in order for our senses to apprehend better; Karunanidhi should be wiped off first– he has been successfully standing synonymous with hypocrisy for the past several decades. He does not only project himself a pro-Tamil but also an anti-non Tamil. But his entire lineage is proficient with many languages other than Tamil! Ramadoss should be wiped off first (probably at the same as Karunanidhi) – he took a stand of pro-Tamil out of nowhere few months back going violent against the movie makers making movies with non-Tamil title! I don’t want to waste this white space giving details of his hypocrisy here!

The whole world is playing one single game played by and among subgroups –among countries or among states or among political parties or among a small group of people or among towns or among castes or between you and me. There are so many weapons used in this game! One of the weapons used by the evils is hypocrisy! Every one wants to win the game including the evil ones as much as good one. All the politicians all over the world with non-good soul are hypocrites! When you end up in the same sub-group as one of the evils playing the game with an intent to win (in this case you and communists), take as powerful a weapon as possible that you are also meant to use, and fight against them. In this case, I consider writing blog (no offense please - I am not talking about blogging itself as I myself have started blogging now) is not a very powerful weapon against all these evils. I am not asking you to leave the country and get active into politics either (as you may or may not be meant to be). Vote if possible!

The reason for all these evils are gaining an upper hand is that the goods are not fighting against them in a meaningful, possible and yet powerful way! When did whoever is cribbing about the politicians in India, actively participate in an election in India? This is the result of democracy having committed suicide and soul that left the body is crying now that it is dead!! Not to pick on an apparently small thing; I don’t agree with your statement on prostitute. As Sarath said, they also have a mask of prostitute like the politicians. You may not know about the soul and its character masked under. These prostitutes could not be a hypocrite; these prostitutes could not be thankless in their service. They could be very honest and outspoken. They could not expect more money than the market rate for their duties. They could be a bunch of characters. Anyways, let us try our level best to vote in the next coming election in India!

July 09, 2008 6:59 PM  
Blogger Anil said...

u said it! they must be expelled from this country

July 09, 2008 7:02 PM  
Blogger drsubbu said...

Dear Brijesh,
I read your blog on Communists in India and their present threat to withdraw support to Manmohan Singh's Central Govt AND TOPPLE IT. The reason Manmohan Singh Signing Nuclear Treaty with Bush Before he left Whitehouse. This is Present dat politics in India and all over the world. Today LOOK AT CHINA. IT HAS GROWN INTO AN ECONOMIC GIANT and hosting Olympics.The West stands flabberghasted and powerless to oppose CHINA'S ANTIHUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVITIES AND CRIME. Who is responsible for this. THE WEST for their own capitalistic Greed they used cheap labour of China by shifting all their manufacturing base to China. Reason: it is easy to deal with Dictatorship rules by a communist state by talking to one person and deal job done. In a democracy it is difficult you can't get things done. But West will always talk of upholding democracy and human rights-but won't do anything. As much as I share your concerns about Communists opportunistic politics, I'm totally convinced either Communists or Capitalist,either West as in US,UK OR EUROPE Or East Like in India All politicians are total Corrupts and should be wiped out. It is sad people like us never bother to vote or enter Politics actively. We are also to be blamed!

July 09, 2008 9:37 PM  
Blogger Mani said...

"As Sarath said, they also have a mask of prostitute like the politicians." - poorly written! Politician neither had a mask of prostitute nor sarath did say that!! All i intended to say was "As Sarath talked about politicians having a mask, prostitutes have a mask of their own too" :)

July 09, 2008 10:02 PM  
Anonymous Sarath said...


In reply to Aarushi's statement : "Sarath please take a note of economic development in India after Narasimharao opened up the economy, dont go around kerala just go to Chennai or Mumbai and se whats progress"

I would request Aarushi to read my comment properly. I never supported the communist agenda in kerala or anywhere in the world through my comments. If you read between the lines what I meant was end of the day they are all politicians with their own agenda, doesn't matter whether its communist party or congress!!!

Regarding your comment about going to chennai or, I would rather prefer to go to hundreds of villages in TN or Maharashtra were there is no social development, living amenities , education and what not! Or maybe YOU should get out of chennai/mumbai and go there and SEE and realise what should have been done instead of building muliplexes and shopping malls in chennai/mumbai! Atleast, in Kerala the disparity is not in such a high magnitude.

July 09, 2008 11:23 PM  
Anonymous N.K.Chidambaram said...

Quite interesting.

July 10, 2008 4:47 AM  
Blogger padmakumar said...

Communism has and will survive in India because no main stream political party has ever catered to the poor working class. We have seen Naxalism spread throughout India during the past few years. The anwser to Naxalism is land reform. But central Government has done little or nothing about it. Labor reforms are due in India for a long time. The idea is to find a way to strike a balance between company growth and worker rights.

July 10, 2008 4:48 AM  
Blogger bkrish said...

This blog is interesting. I feel what communism lack is change. They have not changed to the growing economy. How many of you really know why Communist are opposing the nuclear deal? Is it against our national interest. How can a party which has won just 6% of the total votes, and have contested in just 19 states, in 2004 election say that they are protecting the national interest. If China came up with a nuclear cooperation with India, will our national interest change?. I dont claim that whole of India wants the nuke deal to be signed, but Left is not the party which can say that they know India's pulse.

July 10, 2008 5:54 AM  
Blogger അങ്കിള്‍ said...


July 10, 2008 6:06 AM  
Anonymous Keraliyan said...

The only way to save villages is to develop agriculture using modern facilities and modern technology and give low interest loans but not for waiving it off. We should emulate bangladesh Microfinancing , but our finance ministers P.Chidambaram and if bJP come to power Jaswant sigh or some elite background men dont do this, they wont even attempt it. the frequest loan waivers have discouraged Nationalised banks from giving loans.

In Kerala its not communism but explotism in name of Communism, if you start a thattukada and if it seems that you are prospering so man Shylocks appear for pound of flesh without doing anything, the goons want free food, they want non refundabale loans, Muncipality workers from Food inspector to sweeper come for bribes, you have to give bribe at Police stations, then comes political parties bucket fund collection, now its stopped it seems as they know how to collect from Abkaris sand lobby etc and one fine day you understand you are no more a Thattukada thozhilali or small enterprenur but a Boorshwa who have to be elimiated and one fine day you see your thattukada is not there it was demolished by either RSS thinking that you are CPM or by CPM thinking that you are BJP since u put a picture of god there.

But in TN or North India you start a small mill or a small welding shop or a hotel or anything, you will get co-operation from all and none will come for contrubution and you will slowly prosper and by 10 years you may be actually a millionaire.

The difference in culture is to be noticed. Kerala has become a land of beggars and looters. None want to do anything which need physical energy but all want good food, enough booze and a woman if feasible , but where is money , exploit others , thats Mantra.
Carl Marx or Angels never dreamt that their book will cause this much problems in a small country.

July 10, 2008 7:38 AM  
Blogger Raghu said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

July 10, 2008 4:33 PM  
Blogger Raghu said...

"The Communist leaders says that by signing the nuclear deal, India is moving away from the policies of Jawaharlal Nehru -first prime minister of India- regarding non alignment. I don’t know from when the communists started liking Nehru and his policies".
Well. may be the communist parties are not supportin nehru here agn..but just tryin to remind the government about nehru , whom they claim to worship.
Well. i just reckon though! Anyways..nice thoughts.. well certainly as u said..Marx and Angels wud'nt've dreamt abt such a form of communism.

July 10, 2008 4:35 PM  
Blogger Brijesh Nair said...


In Soviet Union and China at the peak of communism, whoever dared to oppose it would be brutally killed and that explains the picture of skull I put in this post.

Yes left front were consistent in doing wrong things through out their history.

Well said.. may be in 2050 Communist (if they exist then also) they may be telling Congress that they are deviating from the policies of Dr Manmohan Singh.

This pests need a kick in their ass – well said.

Anon @3.14 pm
If that happens world could be a better place to live.

Anon @ 5.25 AM,
I haven’t lived in Kerala for the last 7 years. Of late so many of my friends and relatives tell me the same thing – “Only Marxists can survive here.”

I always believe communist party is a worst evil than any other party in India.

Good thoughts..

If communist party find favor with working class why could they ever expand their base outside Kerala and Bengal?

They think they have the support of the entire India while the truth is that they don’t even have the support of 10% of Indian population.

Well said. Any non-communist who has lived in Kerala could understand this very well.

I don’t think Marx or Angels form of communism also suite us.

July 14, 2008 5:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uragunnavare unartham..urakkam nadichirikkkunnavare unarthan pattilla.
Yours is just a propogandist blog based on some uninformed reading of history.I think I have commented in earlier blog abt what communists have done to kerala. You can still pretend not to see or hear that and still go about in your own cocooned make belief world. If you write the same blog about RSS/VHP then there is a good element of truth in this. I agree that foreign policy of communists are flawed most times. They are defined by anti-america haterd and nothing else - a product of the cold war. But other than that they have done many good things in Kerala - iinterestingly WestBengal is not so socially equal as Kerala- this is due to other factors also


July 14, 2008 8:05 AM  
Blogger Ajith said...

some one told Kerala is a zoo- its correct ,since its a zoo for communists who are an endangered species right now !!!!!...soon kerala will be like a specimen for the world to study destructive effect of communist rule !!!!.

August 04, 2008 5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

STFU you cocksucking motherfucker! I'll set the Russians on you!


December 20, 2008 1:17 AM  

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