Monday, July 30, 2007

Complaint Maniacs

I met one of my old colleagues, HL the other day in a party and he was very furious and was talking about freedom and America. He is from India but never in these 6 years have I heard a good thing about India from him. But this time he was full of praise for India. He was telling me and those who gathered there that:

“In America freedom is only in paper. Americans don’t have or enjoy freedom. What we have in India is real freedom.”

I was shocked by his sudden love for India and asked him the reason for his new love for his mother land. Hearing his reply made me pity him like anything. His reply was something like this.

“Yesterday I took a U turn where you were not supposed to take a U Turn and I got a ticket from the cops. If America is a free country why there are so many restrictions to take a U turn? You should be able to take a U turn whenever you want to take. If it were in India we could take any kinds of turns the way we want. The concept of freedom in US is a myth. ”

These kind of people fall into a specific breed of human beings – those who complain for anything and everything. Their hobby is complaining. I sometimes get a feeling that they get some peace of mind by indulging in the act of complaining.

The colleague I mentioned about has a very good job which fetches him a 6 digit salary in the US; but he complains about the job and his pay. He has one of the best cars in the world but he complains about the monthly payment and the gas prices. He has a spacious house but always complains about the hugeness of the house. For such people they wont utter a single word about the good thing in their or others life. They think only about negative side of things and always complain.

This guy HL was working in the lab next to mine and I use to meet him almost daily. I try my best not to talk to him since if you talk to him for 15 minutes you get so depressed that your entire day and will be a waste. His complaints never make any sense to me and many times he contradicts himself.

I know his professor who has really helped this guy a lot. He paid him well during his studies and helped him get a really good job. It was his professors’ strong recommendation that helped him land in a job that fetched him a six digit salary. But till now I have never heard a good word from my friend about his professor but only complains and complains.

As a student he was getting about $1800 per month. I can understand when he complains that he is having a tough time for a family of three to survive with $1800. Now he is getting over $9000 a month as salary and still he complains that he doesn’t have sufficient money to lead a decent life. I used to think - what salary will make him stop complaining? I don’t think he never ever once told how fortunate he is in such a position to get such a huge salary per month.

Immediately after getting a job he bought a car which has a value of over $40,000. Immediately he started complaining about the monthly payment he has to make and the high grade gas he has to put. The worst thing – he started comparing his car to my car (that was worth 10 times less than his). One day he told me:

“Hey you are so lucky that you have to pay only less money every month for your car. Moreover you don’t have to put the high grade gas”. I got furious and asked him to sell his car and buy mine. Immediately he started talking about the disadvantages of my car. Bottom line is he wants all the features of his 40 K car for 5 K. I was so angry that day since I was bad swearing in English I kept quiet and thought I should not have an argument with such a loser.

Another complaint he has is about his job. I have never seen him in his office after 6 pm and he has made a point never to check his office mails on week ends. He works just 40 hours a week and earns six a digit salary in the US. According to me he should be thankful to God for giving him such a job. But you ask him about his job and his reply could be – “This Company is making me work like a pig and doesn’t even pay me well. I should resign this job and start a restaurant business. Then I could earn lot of money with less work.” I can imagine what this guy will complain if he starts a restaurant – “Business sucks; having an 8 to 5 job is the best thing”.

Another of his complaint was regarding his only kid’s education. His kid was first studying at a public school where he doesn’t have to pay anything. That time he was complaining about lack of quality. Now his kid is in a private school. Now his complaint is about the money he has to pay for his kid’s tuition.

I have tried a lot of times to correct him. I used to tell him the good things in his life. I always used to tell him - “To gain something you have to lose something” but all my advice was in vain. I really pity his wife and kid who have to live a “complaint filled life” with this complaint maniac.

Some people never change....


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Blogger Brijesh said...

I am off to Canada for a week and may not be able to check my blog. I will reply to your comments once I am back.

July 30, 2007 8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You, yourself, are "complaining" about your friend which is not fair. This is a small world and a small life. There is no room for any sort of complaints.

July 30, 2007 2:16 PM  
Blogger Padmapriya said...

Hi Brijesh,
Nice posts there!!!
read some of them..but read all "Bottom Lines" really loved it!!

I too have crossed a gal like this guy..
OMG!!! along with her usual complaints like this, she compared everyone.. E V E R Y O N E with her and used to feel bad!!
Gone cases... we cant help it :)

July 31, 2007 10:54 AM  
Blogger rathi said...

As you say he is a maniac and a rare case.So rarities may be ignored and only thing to be noted is avoid complaining and be contented with the bunch of flowers that make your boquet of life.As you are young you get annoyed, but for older generation such cases are sidelined.

August 01, 2007 3:06 PM  
Blogger Cleveland Desi said...

It takes a variety to make, to quote rathi, "bouquet of life". Rathi makes an excellent point.

August 17, 2007 2:14 PM  
Blogger Ram said...

Who is this guy man? This was quite hilarious to read!

August 21, 2007 6:10 AM  
Anonymous Vivek Nair said...

Hi Brijesh, that was a nice blog ! really funny reading abt "the complaint-er"!

Didnt know you had been to Canada for vacation. When r u coming to NJ? Let me know.

September 06, 2007 7:56 PM  
Anonymous Sikha said...

I too have come across people like that..basically in the work place...recently my brother joined a very good company and was so grateful that he got that job...and was telling me about one guy similar to the one you mentioned in your post. This guy always complains about everything regarding the company forgetting that he is being paid for more than his worth! Complaining about company's policies, complaining about seniors...

I think its about the general "attitude" one has towards life. Some are like that, we just have to accept it, as they say "variety is the spice of life".

October 06, 2007 12:11 PM  

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