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World Cup Cricket 2007 – Magical Moments- Courtesy You Tube

The World Cup Cricket-2007 has entered its second round – the Super 8s. The preliminary round had enough drama. The tournament saw some major upsets with two former champions and sponsors favorites India and Pakistan bowing out, India posting the highest score in the World Cup, 6 sixes in an over in an international match for the first time by H Gibbs and the list goes on.

Another thing that happened is that the world governing body of cricket ICC had banned cricket clippings to be put in popular video site You Tube. I logged into You Tube and saw hell lot of clippings in that site. Another stupid decision by ICC I must say.

Here I am just putting some clippings from You Tube which sums up the preliminary round of the world cup. One of the main reasons why I am compiling these is that my colleagues mostly Americans wanted to know more about cricket and I thought compiling like this is a better way to show them and make them understand what cricket is.

So let us start with the most talked about stuff in this world cup-India’s exit from world cup. See how pathetically we played against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Fall of Indian wickets against Bangladesh

Fall of Indian wickets against Sri Lanka

Pakistan has proved that they are a worser side than India. They could not even cross 150 against Ireland. Was this match fixed? Even people playing street cricket will show more application than what Pakistan showed here.

Fall of Pakistan wickets against Ireland

Super 8’s have just started. But this world cup has already produced a super star. Yes I am talking about Dwayne Leverock, a 280 lb police man from Bermuda. His left arm spin had got him few wickets in the practice matches including that of Andrew Flintoff. He rose to superstardom with the catch he took of India’s Robin Uthappa. That was an absolute stunner, wasn’t it?

In the name of spreading the game to nook and corner of the world, ICC advocates more associate members playing the world cup. Thanks to that ICC policy we were blessed to see for the first time in the international level 6 sixers in an over. Here it is. Watch and enjoy how Gibbs thrashed that young Netherlands bowler.

One of the most interesting match in the preliminary round was the one involving Ireland and Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe needed 9 runs to win from the last over and they could manage only 8 runs. This tie along with their victory against Pakistan took them to the Super 8s. Here is the tension filled last over for you.

While Indian batting failed miserably against Bangladesh see how Sri Lanka flourished against Bangladesh. See some of the shots played by Jayasurya. Does he look 37?

Australia has posted scores over 300 in the last 6 matches which by itself is a record. See how Kangaroos massacre world number 1 South Africa and minnows Scotland. Australians don’t care if you are No 1 or a minnow. If you bowl to them they are going to hit it out of ground. Don’t have to think too much why they won the world cup 2 previous occasions and going strong to win the third.

See their batting against world number 1 South Africa

Now their batting against Scotland

One person whom I love to watch playing is Canada’s Davison. He scored the fastest world cup century against West Indies during the last world cup. Now see him in action against New Zealand and decide for yourself why I told I love to watch him play often. For me he is the epitome of power hitting. This clipping is from World Cup-2003.

Although South Africa lost to Australia they played pretty well till now in the World Cup. See here, their bowlers in action against Scotland.

For the hardcore Indian cricket fan who still have energy, patience and courage to watch and talk good about record breaking performance of India against Bermuda here are the highlights of Indian batting against Bermuda. Hope one day India plays like this against a leading test playing nation.

Lots more to follow. Will come back with more clippings from You Tube. There is a good chance that some of these clippings will be taken out from youtube because of the short sighted policy of ICC. If you find out any link that is not working or showing some error please let me know.


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