Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Where are they??

Kerala speedster Sreesanth just made his debut in international cricket. A modest beginning from this promising youngster.

When I heard the news about Sreesanth's selection to the Indian team the first thought which came to my mind was "How long will he be in the team?"

There are so many players who played a handful of international matches and were just dumped to wilderness. Promising careers of so many players were destroyed by the hide and seek policy of the selectors and BCCI.

T Kumaran, D Ganesh, S Ankola, T Yohannan, Robin Singh jr, L Shukla, Atul Wasan, are few of the fast bowlers who made International debut with soo much promise and went into wilderness.

I recently read an interview with Dinesh Mongia in rediff in which he spells out his frustration at not getting the selector's nod. He is a prolific scorer in domestic and county cricket last season. Atleast selectors or BCCI officials should tell him what exactly he needs to do to get into Indian team. Otherwise we are going to waste another talent.

Take the case of S Ramesh, former Indian opener. He was taken to Pakistan as India's 3rd opener and was not given a match. He is an opener with an average of about 38 in Test matches. He was not in the team for the next series. What more is necessary to drain the confidence of a player. The feeling of thrown out of "Team India" drains your confidence and kills the player.

Same is the case with T Yohannan, first malayali to play for India. After a decent start to his Test career against England, he was selected to the Indian team touring WestIndies where he was not selected to play in any of the matches. On his return he was dropped from the team. The drop had catastrophic effect on Tinu's career that his form slumped so much that he was dropped from Kerala Ranji team too.

So the point I am making here is that if a player is selected and subsequently dropped, selectors/BCCI should sit with the player and let him know the reasons for his omission and more important, what he has to do to get back to "Team India".

Hope Sreesanth won't be another "TINU YOHANNAN"

Sreesanth-Best of Luck for long innings with "Team India"
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Friday, October 21, 2005

Don't throw stones at him for telling the truth

I was reading an article in Deepika which was criticizing a statement made by Kerala Minister of Co-operation Com. M V Raghavan. The statement was something like this
"People take agricultural and other loans and use that to buy gold and to conduct marriage. Those who have loans to pay off should not buy gold and should never show off. Government will go ahead taking actions against those who don't pay back the loans."
I have seen articles in Deepika and Kerala Kaumudi severely criticizing him for this. I think he should be hailed for telling the truth.

Kerala stands first among India in suicide rates. What is the main reason for it? It is due to Malayali's love for "GOLD" and "SHOW OFF".

I have seen one of my close relatives' transformation (from being rich to being in debt and on verge of suicide) happen with my eyes. When I was young my relative was very rich. They had over 10 acres of land and that uncle was working in the police department. They had 2 houses and scores of servants in their house. When we needed money I have seen my parents borrowing money from them. Since they were rich they pampered both their children. They constructed a very big house selling half of their land and taking a big loan. The reason my relative gave to construct that house was that "I should conduct my daughters wedding in a palatial house". He constructed this house costing him around 20 lakhs about 10 years ago. He conducted his daughter's marriage in a royal way. Then he had her wear 1.5 kgs of gold!!! (Nowadays the standard is 3 kgs of gold in Trivandrum). He conducted the marriage in the costliest hall in Trivandrum. He invited about 1000 people.

Once the marriage is over, he had to pay about Rs 20000 per month just as interest for all the loans he had taken. His pension is less than that. He has a son who is unemployed. He started taking money from "blade" (at an APR of 72%, which is the normal APR for "blade companies"). To pay the interest of this he took money from another lender and another lender and another lender and so on..........
He has sold all his property and houses and is now living in a rented one room thatched roof house in our native place. If he sees anyone (even his once upon a time servants) he begs for money. My parents were telling me that he has loans atleast for 50 lakhs.

No one in the world can help him now. He doesn't have any other option other than committing suicide. When he does that Malayala Manorama and Deepika with have an headline which reads

"Kadakeni-Thiruvananthapurathu oru karshakanum kudumbavum athmahathiya cheythu"

They will sensationalize the story by putting the word "karshakan". They will never throw light why this happens. If someone points out why this kind of thing happens in Kerala they will throw stones at him.
Malayalis - wake up and face the realities of life

Com. M V Raghavan-Good Work Done, Keep it going!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

First Post

Othiri nal ayi nan allochikukkayannu... I should start a blog....
ethuvare onnum ezhuthiyitilla...except for my classes and for my research...

Let me introduce myself... 100% pakka malayali... enganne okkeyoooo oru 5 kollam munpu US il ethi patti... eppom Phd kku padikunnu....

My hobbies include cricket and politics... I read a lot about cricket and politics... I follow all first class cricket matchs... my friends use to make fun of me a lot for following live score of Ranji Tropy or Dulieep Tropy in cricinfo...(Anilite (my old room mate) bhasayil paranjal "manathalayum nalanchirayum thammil nadakunna malsarathinte 6 am mathe overinte 5 ballinte details nokki kondu erikukkaya avan")

About Politics... I follow Kerala politics in particular and Indian politics in general... I have a dream of becoming a politician myself in the later part of my life....

I like to use this blog to pen down my thoughts - mostly political thoughts...

about myself... Predegree vare Trivandrum... Christ Nagar and Arts College..
Engineering - Palakkad Engineering College...Pinne oru 2 kollam software companyil work cheythu... eppom US il PhD kku padikkunu ...

Bakki pinne... Namaskaram
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